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Where you can transform and evolve, from your cocoon, to your own unique butterfly. Give yourself the opportunity to transform. You are the most important person, and only by taking care of you, will you be able to transform to your fullest potential and unique butterfly.

Monarca Therapy specializes in women empowerment, and perinatal mental health. Click on perinatal mental health tab to learn more.

Life can feel exhausting, managing relationships, motherhood, work and everything in between. You work hard to make everything function. So, putting yourself first and taking the first step to seek therapy can feel difficult.

Feeling lost, stuck, confused, and hopeless? Experiencing low confidence and low self-esteem, often feeling depressed, and hopeless? You may find yourself stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns, a loss of identity after having a child and/ or living with unresolved past trauma. If this sounds like you, you are in the right place and deserve compassion, tailored to support you and to feel in control again.

At Monarca Therapy, you receive tailored care to help you feel in control of your relationships, self-esteem, motherhood, family issues and emotional well-being. Through this journey comes a team effort and I am honored to take part in your journey. Although change can be scary, transformation is beautiful.

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All services provided via Telehealth. Based in Ventura County.

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